Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacation Readings

From 8/2
I am one who is looking for the bright core. I am one who is strong & brilliant. I am one who is bloomin
g into a strong intelligent woman.

Sometimes I feel that I am not very bright. But then I realize that my brilliance is in finding unique solutions to problems. I shouldn't wast my time on "sounding" intelligent. I just need to use my intellect in a way that works for me.

From 8/3
I am one who is looking for excitement. Who is looking for a challenge.

I realized that with Rod not able to do lots because of his knee and a cold, that I really
don't want a "do nothing" vacation. If we could stay in the condo and do different things than we do at home, that would be fine. I really don't want to watch TV or read all day!

From 8/5

I am one who feels helpless. I am one who sees the destruction and has no idea how or if to help.

My upbringing makes me want to fix everything. And when
I don't help or enable it feels so worn. I just want to fix the world. I am looking for the balance of observing and helping.

From 8/6
I am one who is seeking a peaceful place. I am one who is at home near the water. Who loves to listen to the sounds of waterfalls and running streams.

I realized that the sound of water is what relaxes me more than
anything. I am going to miss the sound of the ocean when we leave today!

From 8/8

I am one who is ancient. I am one who looks a little worse for wear. Who has been around the block a few times.

I am not one to have the wool pulled over my eyes. I have knowledge and experience
and won't let others walk all over me. I will sand up for what is right for me and my family.

From 8/10

I am one who is hiding from my needs. Who is afraid to ask for help. Who is hungry and afraid.

This child is me. Covering myself in a protective layer. Seeming to be begging crumbs from those around me. I don't feel good enough to ask, juts sit there and look pitiful and maybe someone will give me what I need. Affection, time to chat, companionship.

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From 8/11
I am one who is happy surrounded with color. Bright blue skies, green trees and colorful flowers.

There have been times this trip I have thought Oregon would be a cool place to live. But I would mess the bright skies of the south. S.A.D. here I come!

From 8/13
I am one who likes quiet time in nature. I am one who loves
to listen to the sounds of nature.

If I can't find some water to be near for peace and quiet-natur
e is the next best thing. Last night's picnic at Champoeg State Park was great!