Monday, November 14, 2011

Seaching for Fuel

I am one who is looking for nourishment. Who is searching for the right fuel for my life. Who has spent a lot of time flitting from place to place looking for what I need to live a full and complete life.

Right now my search is medical. Looking for the right balance of practices and medications that will help me be healthy, active and alert. It is not easy. 

This weekend I had a bad reaction to a new medication and spent the whole time resting, hoping a horrendous headache would go away. I stopped the drug and the headache is gone, all that is left is the echo of the headache. The sleeping meds don't seem to help either, I will quit them too.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Care for Nature

I am one who is looking down at the earth. Who is crying because it is not being taken care of like it should. I am one who is part of nature and wishes to see more of the quiet peaceful places in the world.

Looking forward to spending some time in nature when we get to Oro Valley, AZ for Thanksgiving. The Sonoran Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, Saguaro National Monument, just being with Rod while we rediscover those favorite places. It will also be a sad time. My dad will no longer be there, we will have to go to the cemetery in Cave Creek to be with him.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking Inside Myself

I am one how is beginning to look inside. Who is spending much of her time on introspection. Who feels like she is out in the cold, just trying to find a way to get warm.

I don't feel well today and need to see the doctor as it has been dragging on for awhile. So I have been spending a lot of my time on introspection.

I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with a group of women from my church learning about Spiritual Journaling. The journaling really dragged up some issues. Not sure if that was good or bad. Perhaps bad timing, since I am not feeling well. Good in the way that I needed the stuff up closer to the surface. We will see what else surfaces as I continue to deal with the health issues that are not being diagnosed because of the busyness of the doctors. I can't get an appointment until 2012!