Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/17/07-Gila National Forest

spent the earlier part of this day visiting the Gila Cliff Dwellings in NM. It was an amazing spiritual experience! Raven accompanied me up to the Cliff Dwellings. He made sure I saw him!

When I entered the dwelling that is thought to be the spiritual center of the village I just sat and meditated. As I sat the tears ran down my face, no thoughts I can remember, just tears. And then I heard someone enter the dwelling and thought I should acknowledge him/her so they would feel at ease about interrupting my meditation. There was no one there! But I felt great peace at that moment.

We then went down to a campground that had petroglyphs on the wall. This was another peaceful, spiritually filled place.

I sat on a rock near the tree line and pulled some cards. The question I asked was: What does Raven have to say to me?

Card #1

I am one who is grounded in the past. Standing strong against the winds of time. Raven: Remember your past-learn from it and grow-listen to the ancients.

Card #2

I am one who feels crowded. I am one who wants to be different from everyone else. Raven: go along with the crowd, but don’t do all they do-make your own mark.

Card #3

I am one who is ancient. I am one who is looked over by those who went before me. Raven: Listen to the ancients. Their wisdom is your wisdom.


Tune yourself to nature. Listen to the knowledge of those who have gone before. This is the season of the crone-sunset. It will be a long sunset.

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