Monday, June 29, 2009


I am one reaching for the center of the maze that is my life. I am one who would love to skip over the maze and go directly to the center. I am one uses the energy of the moon to focus on what is in important.

Today I feel a bit adrift. I haven't felt well for a couple days, although it could be heat related. I am feeling like I should make a trip to AZ, but am waiting to hear about a job. Not sure where my focus should be.


cheryl said...

Hi Audrey,
What beautiful cards you have; and this one is not only is this one captivating - I can totally relate to its message. Yes, wouldn't it be nice to, as I say.."fast forward" through our "stuff" and get to the center. But..we'd miss the discoveries of the journey, huh? I hope you feel better.

BTW, I found your blog via Amber's Creative Freedom SoulCollage blog.
Blessings.. ~Cheryl

Audrey Jensen-- said...

Thanks for looking!