Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jewels of my life

I am one who carries with me all of the jewels I have been given throughout my life. I am one who knows that these jewels can be a heavy burden, but are well worth the effort. I am one who shared these jewels with those that I meet on my path. I am one who has the strength to carry this jewels because I have a very supportive partner.

This is a great reminder of all that I have been given in my life. The pretty, the plain, the glitzy bits of my life are an important part of me that I wear with pride. I hope that all these bits of me show through in how I live my life. I try to be compassionate, caring, non-judgmental but also keep my strength in place to protect myself and those around me.

I am supported by a wonderful husband and family. They make the burden light.

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