Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breaking Out!

I am one who is looking for ways to escape the norm. I am one who is being reborn.

I really am tired of the same old thing. I guess it comes from not working, but I really feel I need to reinvent myself. So I am clearing out stuff. Making room for the new me! Brutally clearing out things from my house and life. 

If I don't want it, and the family doesn't want it, it needs to go!

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Carey said...

We watched a couple episodes of Hoarders. I think my biggest problem is that I assign value to everything I own. Really, I should just throw out anything I don't use. I've had a whole set of shelves of stuff that I kept because I can "sell" it on ebay or amazon, but that's too much work and effort.

I think we're going to have one garage sale, then donate the rest. I'm not going to bother with online sales anymore