Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fool's Leap Into Magic

So, on Sunday I went to my Women's Ritual Labyrinth Group. We were asked to bring a tarot deck. I brought my SoulCollage(R) cards and did a "The Fool's Leap Into Magic" reading designed by Cat Dancing.
Here is what I got:

1. In the present moment... I am looking at the basic level making do with what I have. 


 2. Standing on the Precipice... Letting go and just move!

3. Where do you leap? I leap away from the restraints others place on me.

4. What risk do you take? I risk trying to mold myself in ways that are uncomfortable.

5. When you land, you find... I find the bright core of myself-burning bright for all to see.

 6. Magic The magic is the love of friends and family.

7. Desire The desire is to be the good half. Using her magic to keep the dark at bay.


8. Will The will is to make myself into the real me. The beautiful me inside. 

9 Manifest I want to manifest into the spiritual me. Burning off the extraneous parts and center myself.

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Lisa said...

I love this post, your cards and your blog!