Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pig Out!

I am one who craves chocolate. I am one who can be a real pig about it. I am one who is looking after my heart by avoiding oily foods.

Today I had more shots in my neck. An epidural in my neck and about 6 trigger points in my shoulder. I am looking for comfort food! This card reminds me that I will only regret stepping off the path of healthy eating. I did make some flax seed focaccia last night, so I was able to have an almond butter sandwich. Not the peanut butter and potato chip of my childhood, but close enough to make me feel better. The lack of chocolate is still an issue. I will have to research that a bit more.

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Carey said...

I know they have vegan chocolate. I had a raspberry chocolate bar one that was vegan and it was really good. I got it at whole foods, I believe.