Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cared for

I am one who is cracked, not completely whole. I am one who feels caged. I am one who is a bright spot in the bleakness.

Not sure how to read this card. I just found out my dad is taking a taxi to the ER because no one in town answered the phone. So things feel a little bleak to me at the moment. I do feel caged by the pain and the exhaustion. But I am a glass have full kind of girl, so I always look to the positive side of things. I have a great family (in-laws included) and my husband is very supportive of my physical problems. I am unable to do a lot of the things I would like to, but I am hopeful that I can change that by researching and trying new things. The biggest lifesaver for me has been the Paleo Diet. Without that I would be having more trouble with my Fibromyalgia. Perhaps I should look at this not as a cage, but an opportunity to be cared for by someone else!

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