Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winds of Change

I am one who is aware of the stages of a woman's life. I am one who is letting the winds of change blow over her. I am one who is gleaning more about myself and hoping for the winds of change to blow away the chaff.

I am afraid to say it definitely, but it appears that I may start working on Monday. It will be a possibly temporary part time job through the end of the year. I will learn more later today. It will be a job that will test my patience at time as it is for a church group that can be conservative in their views at times. But the work will be challenging and the person I would work for is really nice.

I will just continue to keep my mouth shut and learn new skills where I can. She understands that I will continue to look for a full time job. So I think my time will be flexible and I will learn a lot more about bookkeeping.

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