Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Path to Wellness

I am one who is carefully making my way to freedom. I am one who knows to watch for the pitfalls on my journey to wellness. Who is carrying a burden that puts me off balance at times.

I continue to heal from my surgery. Saw the doctor yesterday since I was still bleeding and the nurse thought I should. It appears that what is going on is normal, but the day of complete rest between the call and seeing the doctor probably helped the most. Sometimes we need a little scare to get us to pay attention.

I must continue to walk the path to wellness and look for ways for that to happen. I got two new cookbooks for Christmas. Now to be well enough to start cooking. I am really grateful that my son is here from Tampa. He has made my life easier since the surgery and continues to remind me to take it easy. I really wished he lived closer!

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