Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am one who is aware of the big gap between rich and poor. I am one who is trying to live more simply. I am one who is frustrated by people who are seemingly unaware of the needs of others and continue to spend way to much money on frivolous things. I am one who appalled by those who don't teach their children the value of money and to have concern for those less fortunate.

It appears that it is a soapbox day. I am appalled by some of the things I see happening in the world. The rich get richer and those of us unemployed/working stiffs are struggling more and more.

My unemployment runs out this week. I am eligible for an extension, but it is less money than I was getting. I can't find a job and there will be less money coming in.

I am still one of the lucky ones, I have a working husband, a home and great family & friends. I am not living in my car or on the streets. So even though I am frustrated by the inequality of it all, I consider myself lucky!

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